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Podiatrist Office Danbury, CT Get relief from your foot pain! Fix the embarrassing foot issues, growths, and other discomforts! West Connecticut Podiatry LLC, located in Danbury, CT, provides you with specialized care in all types of podiatry services.

The Most Effective Foot Surgeon in Danbury, CT

Dr. Richard Gosnay is a professional foot doctor and surgeon specializing in podiatry. He and his medical team are very knowledgeable and highly skilled in providing you with the best foot care in the Danbury, CT area. Our podiatrist office specializes in diabetic foot care, toenail fungus treatment, heel spurs, and more! Contact the most reliable foot doctor today!

If you are experiencing even just minor changes in the appearance of your feet or toenails, it is important to have them looked at by a qualified foot doctor. A change in your feet could be a sign of other health issues. Being on your feet all day does make you more susceptible to injuries and other ailments, which could be a sign of more serious medical issues. If you are experiencing discomfort or change in your feet or toenails, visit our podiatrist office today in Danbury, CT. We offer many services, including toenail fungus treatment and diabetic foot care.

We provide complete foot care services for patients in Danbury, CT and the surrounding areas. We can take care of issues like ingrown toenails, diabetic foot care, athletes foot, warts, neuromas, crush injuries, plantar fasciitis, and more. You can also depend on our foot surgeons for treatments for heel spurs, nerve pain, hammer toes, and more. If you have more questions about our services or wish to make an appointment to meet with our foot surgeons, contact us today.

We Will Relieve Your Heel Spurs!

Foot Doctor Danbury, CT Have you been suffering from heel pain?  You may be experiencing the discomfort that is often associated with heel spurs.  Heel spurs occur when calcium deposits build up on the underside of the heel bone.  Although sometimes heel spurs can be painless, they are often accompanied with pain.  Call us today if you believe you are suffering from heel spurs!  We offer treatment to get you back on your feet!

Most patients can get relief from their heel spurs without surgical intervention; there are options such as changing shoes, wearing night splits, taping or strapping your feet, or stretching that can help relieve your pain. However, the only way to get rid of the heel spur entirely is to explore surgery. Our foot surgeon will review your case and determine which course of treatment is best for you.

If you are experiencing a stabbing pain in one or both heels, you may be suffering from heel spurs. Based on your symptoms and tests - including x-rays, we can properly diagnose your heel pain. It is important that you do not ignore any pain or wait too long before you visit a doctor for treatment. Early diagnosis is key in order to start your heel spur treatment. If you are looking for a podiatrist in Danbury, CT, get in touch with us today.

Diabetic Foot Care

If you suffer from diabetes, you need to be careful about your feet. Diabetes may cause nerve damage that takes away feeling in your feet. It can also reduce blood flow, making it more difficult to resist infection or heal an injury. Because of these issues, you are at increased risk for suffering foot injuries due to undetected foreign objects in your shoes. Unhealed sores or wounds could put you at risk of infection or even amputation. To avoid serious problems, inspect your feet carefully every day and contact our office if you need assistance. Schedule regular diabetic foot care appointments with us to ward off any potential issues.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are bony growths that poke out below your heel bone. They are caused by stress on foot ligaments and develop over time until they become difficult. Heel spurs are not usually painful, but they can be cumbersome. While heel spurs can be removed through surgical procedures, medical professionals usually recommend trying non-surgical interventions first. You can rest your heels, use ice or cold packs, take anti-inflammatory medication, or wear special footwear or shoe inserts to support your arches and cushion the bottoms of your feet. If you have a heel spur, you can ask our podiatrist's office for further information about treatment.

Providing Toenail Fungus Treatment and More!

Along with heel spur treatment, our experienced foot doctor at West Connecticut Podiatry offers a wide range of services for all types of feet and lower extremity issues. This includes services for bunions, Achilles tendon, sprains, broken bones, hammertoes, arthritis, flat feet, nerve pain, calluses, crush injuries, neuromas, wounds, plantar fasciitis, geriatric foot care, toenail fungus treatment, ingrown toenails, corns, athletes foot, warts, and many other foot issues. We also offer diabetic foot care and toenail fungus treatment.

We offer a wide range of foot treatments at our facility. From toenail fungus to diabetic foot care, our experienced podiatrists can provide the best services at affordable prices. We have the latest tools and techniques to diagnose and treat many foot-related problems. We serve patients in Danbury, CT and the surrounding areas. Timely diagnosis is important for effective treatment. If you need diabetic foot care or other podiatry services, make an appointment with our professionals today.

A Foot Doctor Offering Comprehensive Solutions

Our foot surgeon will do everything he can to ensure that your feet get relieved of any broken bones or fractures. Foot and ankle surgeries can address a wide variety of foot problems including calluses, warts, arthritis, hell spurs and more. Our experienced foot surgeon educates all of our patients on what to expect before and after surgery so that you can better understand the procedure, healing time and post-surgery therapies if needed. For more information, please call our foot surgeon today.

Whether you are struggling with heel spurs or need toenail fungus treatment, West Connecticut Podiatry LLC is the podiatrist office that won’t let you down. Dr. Richard Gosnay brings years of experience as a foot doctor and foot surgeon to Danbury, CT. He and his team have only your health in mind. Our commitment to making our clients’ feet comfortable is what makes us the most reliable team in Danbury, CT. Call us today for diabetic foot care and more!

Diabetic Foot Care Danbury, CT West Connecticut Podiatry LLC is located at 235 Main Street in Danbury, CT. For more information, and to schedule an appointment with a foot surgeon to get diagnosed and receive our services, give us a call at (475) 529-3354.

We’ll be more than pleased to serve you at our podiatrist office and provide you relief from your foot pain! We’re all busy with our careers and raising our families, so don’t let foot problems slow you down!

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West Connecticut Podiatry LLC is a leading podiatrist office in the Danbury, CT area. We diagnose and treat all ailments of the foot, including toenail fungus, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, injuries, and more. If you need surgery or diabetic foot care options, our office can help you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services!

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